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Supercharge your Delphi applications with asynchronous coding patterns.  CocinAsync provides common design patterns such as:

  • Async / Await
  • Promises / Futures
  • Job Queues

Implement asynchronous GUIs easily with the FLUX development pattern implemented in CocinAsync. FLUX provides a true separation of concerns and results in highly readable and maintainable code, even for very complex apps with hundreds of forms.

Included are the common FLUX objects:

  • Dispatcher
  • Actions
  • Stores

To learn more about the FLUX pattern at

Also included in the product are several helper functions to quickly add asynchronous tasks to your apps with functions like:

  • AfterDo()
  • DoEvery()
  • DoLater()
  • OnDo()


An ultra-fast, memory efficient JSON library for Delphi that includes several sub-libraries for common functionality that uses JSON.  Features include:


  • Simple memory management scheme
  • Helpers for common data types such as dates, guids, byte arrays and more
  • Object helper that adds a new AsJSON property to serialize an object to JSON or set properties from a supplied JSON string
  • Dataset helper that imports/exports a dataset to/from JSON
  • JWK / JWT support
  • Conversion to/from Delphi's own JSON library


  • Delphi native PubSub server / client
  • Faye compatible Bayeux client

Duck duck delphi

A duck typing and RTTI library for Delphi that provides clever ways to use objects as other objects even if they have unrelated interface support and different ancestry.

  • - provides an interface for easily selecting subcomponents and performing property or method actions en masse
  • Object.impersonates<IInterface> - supply an interface and this function will return true if the object can impersonate that interface even if it does not directly implement it
  • Object.asA<IInterface> - treats the object as though it supported the provided interface via RTTI
  •<IInterface> - treats the object though it supported the provided interface via Delphi's Virtual Interfaces.  This is generally faster than the asA method


A native and cross platform QR Code generator library for Delphi. Works well in non-visual apps as well as your VCL and FMX applications.  Supported encodings include:

  • Numeric
  • AlphaNumeric
  • Byte

Kanji and other advanced encodings are not yet supported, however full unicode support via UTF8 in Byte encoding is supported by most readers.  When encoding unicode strings that won't fit as Numeric or AlphaNumeric, UTF8 in Byte encoding will be used.


A simple Firemonkey color picker app for Windows that supports message based integration with your applications.  Has the following features:

  • Returns the color selection to the calling application or alternatively to the system clipboard
  • Supports alpha transparency
  • Retains history of last several color selections
  • Supports NULL color
  • Permits selection from any color visible on the desktop.  The image to the right shows colors picked directly from the background on this page
Included is a sample Delphi application that calls the color picker to select a color.



A product to support multiple languages in your Firemonkey and VCL applications. Features include:

  • Translate on the fly - run the app and use a hidden keystroke to enable the language editor.
  • Includes base forms which automatically enable translation support in your applications
  • IDE plugin to assist with runtime translation of hard coded strings in your source code.


An API development library that piggybacks off WebBroker to provide a framework that promotes SOLID API development and ensures maintainable code.

  • API Registration separates code naturally
  • Add functionality and new API methods quickly
  • Built-in JSON handling
  • Supports API Authentication


A simple to use pooling acquire / release wrapper for FireDAC connections.

The acquire / release model of database access is very useful when working with asynchronous code and background tasks.

If you are using databases and plan to use Cocinasync, DAPI or the FLUX UI pattern, using an acquire/release pattern of access is essential to simplifying your code.

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