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Apesuite has officially returned!

2019-10-31 10:59 PM | Anonymous

We are happy to announce that Apesuite for Delphi Seattle, Berlin, Tokyo and Rio is now officially ready for purchase.  

The version now available is Beta 8 which is the version after our last official release in 2012.  If you remember back that far, Firemonkey was in its first iteration and the next several Delphi releases brought many breaking changes to Firemonkey.  Apesuite initially was written to overcome problems in the first release of Firemonkey and Firemonkey's "fixes" afterward caused our fixes/hacks to no longer work.  As a result, we discontinued Apesuite despite our desire to keep it going.

Firemonkey has since matured significantly over the years and is finally ready for third parties to really exercise its full power.

We've had to completely rewrite a few controls due to changes in Firemonkey over the years.  TPagebar and related controls are still in the development stages, but most all other Apesuite controls are officially released with a few new controls thrown in for good measure.  And for full disclosure, some controls that worked brilliantly in Beta 7 for the first Firemonkey have other issues now.  We're diligently working through them and Embarcadero has been extremely willing to help fix the problems we're encountering.

Beta 9 is targeted for the mid November and will include a new TPagebar as well as some new platforms for current controls in the pack.

Your financial support of our development effort is appreciated.  With your subscription we provide chat support direct with our developers as well as direct access to our private hosted git repo.

We have big plans for the Ape and would love for you to join us for the ride.  And if you were a subscriber of Apesuite back long ago, please contact for a great deal on the latest version.

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